Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Alligator Boot Cars"


I'm gonna run away
Start a one man cult
As the king turd
Of an empire of shit

Change direction
With the wind
Living forever
In a dream
Behind a million mirrors
At the end
Of the rainbows
On the walls
Of my own prison

Never staying between
The lines
Knocking over mailboxes
In my alligator boot cars
With a pistol in my pocket
And a folded fifty
In the brim of my hat

Tattooing my story
On my skin
Along the way
So you can read
My body
Like a book
When I die

©James Dennis Casey IV

Friday, July 21, 2017



God and Satan
Secretly get along
Playing back alley craps
Between Heaven and Hell
Gambling for souls

Together they've compiled
The greatest rock supergroup
Of all time
And throw wild parties
That all of our favorite
Dead poets attend

They even have matching tattoos
On their asses
Of good and evil owls
With the roles reversed
Just for fun
Satan's has a halo
God's has horns
Acquired after a long night
Of heavy drinking

Once they had a falling out
Over a woman because
God is love but
Satan did that thing she liked
With his tongue
Yet they follow the code
Bros before hoes
So they're still tight

Currently they're locked
In a game of chess
That's lasted for eons
Taking breaks
Now and then
To throw their parties
And go on benders
They've even agreed 
On their next tattoo
"God + Satan
Best Frenemies Forever"

©James Dennis Casey IV

Friday, June 30, 2017

"Dead Alive"


Plastic bone mutants 
Producing smiling duplicate
The new portrait 
Of human zen
Riding a dying
Living spaceship
Through the cosmos

Slimy colorful monsters 
Oozing all around
Crawling on a razor's edge
Dead alive
With golden ticket

Destined for destruction 
Ignoring all the signs
Life goes on
With rat race ideology 
Stranger and stranger
Because none of them
Even like each other

Blank faces
Between broken notes
Selling lies in the form
Of shiny silver rings
To broken brains
Missing fingers

Deep within the ship
A wandering eye
Bleeding thorns
Far beyond this
Place and time
Lost and
By a cloud of vampire bats
Feeding on the symphony 
Of madness

©James Dennis Casey IV

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Order or Chaos"


My day doesn't always
Start with coffee 
Watching early morning
Sometimes it begins
At 2:30 in the afternoon 
With whiskey
And midget porn
Not necessarily in that
Or chaos 
Whichever you prefer
To tag it as

©James Dennis Casey IV

"It Is What It Is"


I've lived my life
Trying to make everyone
Just to Fail

If only 
I could live through
Their eyes
In a different light

It isn't easy
But somebody
Has to play the
Black sheep
Sometimes I enjoy it

Maybe I'm reaching
For something that
Isn't even there
Maybe I'm praying
For a second chance

But fuck chances
It is what it is
I will never ask
Because I don't owe anyone 

Including myself
Lives their life
On their own terms

©James Dennis Casey IV

"It Don't Make it Poetry Just 'Cause it Rhymes"


Heart sounds like fart
Rhymes make me feel smart
After swinging at the park
As I push a shopping cart
Through the local Walmart 
I came for more Sweet Tarts
And a couple of auto parts
Cause sometimes my car wont start
I need the plugs that make the sparks
But I never buy drugs in front of narks
So let's get drunk and play some darts
Once I squeezed out a shart
That smelled like Humphrey Bogart
Pulled down my pants and it resembled art
It even glowed in the dark
And just like this poem it tasted like cheese

©James Dennis Casey IV

"Everything Now"


All my locks and chains
Are buried 
Underneath one end
Of a secret rainbow
In black and grey

On the other end
Lies a forgotten pot
Of gold
Lost in darkness

After freeing myself
Deep within the eye
Of the sun
Everything now
Comes to calm

Storms subside
Bringing color to the arch
So the light can guide me
To my forgotten fortune

©James Dennis Casey IV