Friday, August 31, 2018

"Worn Armor"


I have crystal ball
blind but I
can see

through walls and
the obvious

names that can't be found
under licked wounds

but they don't see me

behind a blue soul
sin-eater smile
singing songs
of what could have been

fallen away
just a little bit
too far
then back again

in worn armor
knights in shining
have never seen

giant slayer
dragon killer
walker of the

angels don't want me
demons won't have me
scared them all

my brand of strange
branded into my skin

you can't steal
what is given

a piece of me
on a platter
a piece of you

serving darkness this far
tricking them to let me in
a light being out the door

suitcase packed
ready to go

before they even knew
I was there
don't care to settle in
time to feed the monster
crawling out of my own skin

always getting what I came for
after bending the envelope
and time in half

watching lips move
clever got me this

my will be done

teachings and spells
verses and passages
inside and out

given to me

it is mine

not yours

to take

playing with creatures
making friends yet
ready to destroy
at a moment's

kissing them on
the cheek
before lopping
off heads

and so it goes

©James Dennis Casey IV

Monday, August 27, 2018

"His Voice Illuminated"


I invoke the purified.
A bird with baptized wings.
Son of princes and kings.
Wilt thou come?
Upon a grey mantle,
from the tops of trees,
he cries.

Blessing every treasure.

Better far than praise of men.

Eyes, flashing, against the
fine edge of science.
He will tell their number.
He will sing my song.
The heart of him
loved and wrung.

Fierce is the wind
Roaring like flame.
The music of the forest
its chorus.
Arrows that murder

Sweeter than this song was
his speech.

Blessing every treasure.

Better far than praise of men.

His voice is riches,

A gift
like a great lake of ale
for this king of kings.

©James Dennis Casey IV

Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Ancient Incantations"


the cloud sorcerer
held his balled fist
against an iridescent atmosphere
in a furious war cry
chanting ancient incantations
rallying his fellow
Morning Glories
over calm waters
for battle
upon the new
the dawn
looked on
in sundered

©James Dennis Casey IV

Photo by Douglas Cronk

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"Between Love & Abuse"


kill the eyes in
the face of the sky
been smoking
far too long

things meant for the souls
built on cocaine bones

lost with the wolf
if it be your will
skulls full of moon
lightly dressed in smoke
on your tongue

dancing with cosmic owls

the devil lives in my shoes
hanging out with a thing
in a jar
covered in gravedirt

13 cannot be divided
unless you kill the TV
with the mother of the

if it be your will

let the singer sing
keep the goddess on
your side

tomorrow we jump
barefoot in the dark
see you all in hell
or New Orleans

©James Dennis Casey IV

Sunday, August 19, 2018

"Song with no End"



with butterflies


with pirates

confused on a


pale blue


of magick

pissing on the



made of kerosene

grab the cocaine


world by the balls

hug the one

you love

this place is




who are they

to judge us

we'll steal their


with pistols


brighter than they

skin them

and wear the pelts

as coats


are Earth's most



let's make something

out of nothing

touching parts

deep within

we didn't know


in a song

with no end

let's give these


a testing

and revel


©James Dennis Casey IV

Monday, August 13, 2018



Houdini is a black cat
that knows magic and
how to dance

emerald green eyes
that glow in the dark
a silk top hat
fishbone cane
full bent billiard pipe
fancy monocle
and a rat skull earring
plated in gold
through his battle
scarred ear

he can also walk
on rainbows
breathe underwater
knows the best
alleys for garbage can
and has the finest
queen felines in the city
after his tail

a real-life
without a care
in the world
you can only wish
to be as cool
as he 

the mystical
Mr. Houdini

©James Dennis Casey IV

Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Made Man Blues"


Rubin had a steady job
working for the mafia,
and he didn't even know.

His crazy ex-girlfriend's
step-dad, Mr. DeRosa,
would send him up to the
local tobacco shop every
few days with a couple
hundred bucks to get his
favorite cigars.

He'd tell Rubin to pick up
four Montecristo no. 2s,
get the package that was
waiting for him from the
owner of the shop, and to
keep the change.

He thought this was a bit
strange because they only
cost $25 bucks apiece, so
he got to keep the extra $100,
and the package was always
a heavy manila envelope that
was double sealed.

Mr. DeRosa would also let
him drive his Platinum Edition
Cadillac Escalade to make the

Who the hell does that?

This went on for a few months
straight, and one day after sending
Rubin on a run Mr. DeRosa called
him 'Buddy Boy.'

Thinking nothing of it he went
about his day until Angie, his crazy
ex, told him that her step-dad only
calls certain people by that name.

He asked her why, and she explained
to Rubin about Mr. DeRosa's mob
connections and how that's what he
calls people he considers 'in the circle.'

Rubin wasn't the brightest bulb in
the box, but he started to think about
his situation and connect the dots.

Mr. DeRosa was an old Italian man,
dripping with gold - EVERYTHING -
Rolex encrusted with rubies, pinky rings
with ridiculously large diamonds, even
wore chains around his neck complete
with the Italian Horn Charm.

At first, he shrugged it off because
he didn't mind the cash flow or driving
around in the tightest whip in town.

It wasn't until the day Mr. DeRosa sent
him for a different kind of package, in
the middle of the night no less, that Rubin
realized he was neck deep in the shit.

That was also the night he buried his
first dead body, and became a Made Man.

A few years later, when he and Angie broke
up, Rubin left town and now he lives his life
as a janitor named Charlie looking over his
shoulder every time he leaves the house.

The End?

©James Dennis Casey IV